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“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think” – Margaret Mead.20160921_144226

This is the essence of teaching and learning.Many of the problems ilife are because of two reasons. We act without thinking or we keep thinking without acting. How do we act? How to be positive? How to achieve success?                    

All these are interrelated. A positive mental approach is one of the most important elements of ACT of success. Students, who think positively about themselves, their surroundings and have confidence in their abilities, ultimately achieve success.

I take this wonderful opportunity to present before you the Annual Report of 2015-16. This year has been an unforgettable and a successful one.


TERM 1 TERM 2 Total
FA1 FA2 SA1 FA3 FA4 SA2  
10 10 30 10 10 30 100

As per the CBSE norms, the school year is divided into two terms. 2 formative assessments and one summative assessment is conducted in each term. Due weightage is given for every assessment.

Parent teachers’ meetings were scheduled on second and third Saturdays of every month.

ASL: Assessment on Speaking skill and listening skills were conducted as per CBSE instructions for Classes IX and X students.

REMEDIAL CLASS: For class X students are being conducted to focus on the weaker students.

RESOURCE ROOM: Resource room classes are being conducted during school hours to dyslexic and slow learner children to facilitate their learning and boost their morale


Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation!!!
This year’s star performers are Kiran M H M who received Smt. Eshwari Bai & Sri Totaram Nagpal Memorial Rolling Trophy for the Best All Round Performance in senior category and Aryan Piyush Sheth who received Sri Doulatram Chetandas Memorial Trophy for the Best All Round Performance in junior category.

Co-curricular activities keep the students occupied with activities that are related to physical exercise, debate, art and craft, quiz, etc. These activities play an important role in helping children relieve themselves from academic pressure and also help them to keep themselves physically healthy and fit.

Besides being fun and a great way to socialize with peers, extracurricular activities can enhance students’ time management and stress management skills and improve overall productivity.

Class Activities
I -IV Story telling, Vegetable printing, Paper craft, etc..
V & VI Poster making, Dance, Patriotic song, etc
VII & VIII Brush with art, Fancy candle holder, etc
IX & X Designing Magazine cover page, mad ads, etc


Hobby classes are being conducted after school hours

Club activities in school include a wide range from Home science club, Helping hands, Band club, Drama, Nature and Quiz club.


Here is the list of Annual events which were held in during the year 2015-16.

15/08/2015 Independence Day Sri Prakash H Nagpal
Hon. Secretary
Sindhi High School
04/09/2015 Teachers Day Felicitation of Mr.Gururaj & substaff Mrs.Lalitha N for having completed 25 years of dedicated service.
02/11/2015 Kannada Rajyothsava Students performed cultural programs.
26/11/2015 Annual Day – Junior Sri Jawahar S Nagpal
Imm. Past President
Sindhi Seva Samiti
27/11/2015 Annual Day – Senior Sri Sumanth ShailendraCine actor, Kannada Film Industry
11/12/2015 Annual Sports Day inauguration Smt. Pooja Asrani
Sindhi Youth Ladies Association.
12/12/2015 Annual Sports Day valedictory
Best Boy Athlete:
Suraj Kumar L, Class X
Best Girl Athlete:
Rajini Bhargava, Class X
Ms. Preeth GanapathyIRS, Asst. Commissioner of Income Tax Dept.Ms. Pavithra Chandra
International Basket Ball Player,
CEO, B7 Sports
09/01/2016 Pre-primary Cultural Fest Smt. Kiran Narang
Chief Guest
Smt. Aarti Bhatia
Guest of Honour
12/01/2016 National Youth Day Sri Nandalal Bathija donated the book “Friends of all” to class X students.Swami Vivekananda’s birth anniversary was observed in the school assembly. A video followed by a quiz on Swami Vivekananda were the highlights.
12/02/2016 Graduation Day  Sri Vinay Gopal Rao
AVP, Infosys BPO Ltd.


Activities Conducted
Ganesha Chathurthi
Grandparents’ Day
Market Day

Pre-primary education exposes the creativity of the child, thus allowing the child to develop his personality in a natural way. It is one more step to help the child to grow as a healthy and socially, well-adjusted individual. Here is a glimpse of some activities which were conducted.

STAFF UNIFORM– Uniforms were introduced to staff to bring in equality, professional image and foster team spirit among staff.
TODDLER’S MEET:– Toddler’s meet needs a special mention, Sindhi High School, KK Road had the very first Toddler’s Meet on 14th November 2015 as Children’s Day special. The school was opened to parents and their tiny tots. This event was conducted with the purpose of showcasing the infrastructure and facilities of our school to prospective parents.

A presentation of the activities done in school was presented to the parents. Fun-filled areas such as the snakes and ladders corner, air-castle, reading and coloring areas, story and rhyme corners were open to children. The event was a successful one and was an important day in the school calendar.


“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill

Every year November 25th, birthday of Sadhu Vaswani is observed as an International Meatless Day. Our school collected bakery items and fruits and distributed them to various orphanages and old age homes. This activity inculcates various values such as humanity, social service, etc. in our young sindhians.

Not all of us can do great Things,  but we can do small things with great love”. – Mother Theresa.

Our school students collected food items, clothes and other essential materials and sent to the flood victims in Chennai as a gesture of humanity, love and care towards our neighboring state.

Mayor Sri.  Manjunath Reddy addressed our school students and staff who were present in Malleshwaram grounds for  sports practice. His address highlighted information and need for waste segregation by the society. This was followed by a street play highlighting waste segregation in the school premises.

Subjects Gold Silver Bronze No. appeared
Math’s 5 5 5 169
Science 7 7 7 121
English 7 7 5 133

Our school students attended various competitive external exams viz; Silver zone Olympiad and NSTSE etc. and have secured many medals with good results.

DATE 03.05.2016 10.07.2016
No. Of Candidates 480 300
Center Superintendent Mrs. Maithreyi Satyadev Mrs. Devika Kiran


NEET, UGC-NET exams were conducted in the month of May and July respectively.

Our school staff and students of class X along with their parents visited Sindhi College for a college visit to get to know about infrastructure and courses offered.

No of forms issued 255
No of parents attended interaction. 218
Classes Place
Pre-primary Dreamland Resort
Class I – V Dreamland Resort
Class VI – X Guhanthara Resort

 Nursery Interactions were held in the month of January. The skills and developments of the tiny tots are strongly influenced by their families and the interactions in playgroups.

Educational trips give students the chance to build closer bonds with their classmates, experience new environments and enjoy a day away from the classroom.

I                      Veda Chanting Vagdevi School, Marathahalli
II Patriotic Song Vagdevi School, Marathahalli
I Classical Dance Vagdevi School, Marathahalli.
  Math Trek                      Hal Public School
Consolation – Pani Bacho, Life Banao – Drawing Competition Yukta of Class 10 92.7 Big FM
Nisarga Pentam Vinod Kumar of class10 Classical Dance and Music participated Noopura Fine Arts Academy

We recognize the indisputable role played by each student in bringing laurels to the school.


 Your beliefs don’t make you “A better person”, your behavior does. Gold and Silver badges were awarded in assembly for good behavior of the children and also to motivate them to cultivate good habits and good manners.

Conducted By Topic Teachers Attended
Alumni Association Career Counseling Class 10
Tata Class Edge Leadership Skill Mrs. Maithreyi Satyadev
  Comprehension and Communication in English Mrs. Rajashree Vinuth and Mrs. Rekha Sreenath
Ramakrishna Mission Awaken Citizen Program Mrs. Devika Kiran
Bangalore Sahodaya Visual Art Mr. Kalappa Madabal
IIT Spoken Tutorial Project Making Ms. Deepthi Sharmaa and Mrs. Sangeetha Maheshwari
Bangalore Sahodaya Story Telling Ms. Nitya P Lulla and Mrs.Anuradha Bajaj
Bangalore Sahodaya Gender Sensitivity Mrs. Alamelu K P and Mrs. Madhumathi j
Bangalore Sahodaya Challenging Areas – Mathematics Mrs. Chandrakala V G
Bangalore Sahodaya Principal’s Maeeting Mrs. Devika Kiran
Bangalore Sahodaya CCE Co Scholastic Assessment Mrs. Prathima Pai and Mrs.Thanuja Raj
Bangalore Sahodaya Different Thinking Skills and Physical Education. Mrs. Nikitha Punjabi
 Mrs. Kiran Magavi Emotional Quotient Classes 1 to 7 teachers of both the schools
Mr. Mithun Subbaiah Skip Level All teachers
Mr. Manjunath Ubuntu Operating System All teachers
Bangalore Sahodaya ASL Mrs. Alpana Kala
Bangalore Sahodaya Physical Education Mrs. Shipali Manjunath
Bangalore Sahodaya Capacity building program Mrs. Chandrakala V G
Bangalore Sahodaya Evidence of Assessment Mrs. Shilpa K G nad Mrs. Sugandhalakshmi


Educators need intensive training in various aspects related to new innovative techniques. Special and intensive workshops were attended by our teachers to update themselves with curriculum and teaching methodology.


Ms. Joyce Meshach, Director, Proactive Health conducted health checkup program for classes Nursery to 5.



“Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy.”

As a part of the ongoing Alumni activity, our involved and responsible alumni conducted career counseling session for our class 10 students on 6th February 2015. About seven speakers spoke on various fields such as Chartered accountancy, Dentistry, Hotel management, etc. which gave concrete ideas to our aspiring and passionate adolescents.


The journey doesn’t start at the beginning. It begins at the end”. Our little ones from UKG graduated on 19th March from preprimary section to the main stream schooling. Our Hon. Treasurer Sri. Satyan Chabria presided over the ceremony.

School Head Boy Gaurav M Nahar Class IX
School Head Girl Nandini Maheshwari Class IX
School Games Captain Vidhit M Kotak Class IX
School Vice-Captain Shreya Srikanth Class VIII


ELECTIONS 2016-17:
School elections are an opportunity for learning through practice. Master Kunal Kukreja of Class IX and his team designed software for school election. Ballet secrecy was well maintained as it was done electronically.  School election gives an evidence that students are in the position of making decisions, and evaluating the progress and defining their goals.


Don’t stress, Do your best, forget the rest. Does this really happen? Not at all, because there is peer pressure, parent pressure and societal pressure, but our dedicated and committed staff support our dear students unstintingly so that the AISSE exams they face confidently and find it as easy as drinking a glass of water. Exams began on 2nd March 2016 with science as the first paper and ended on 25th March 2016 with Sanskrit.

National Public School, Rajajinagar was the examination center for AISSE class 10 Exams. About 11 of our teachers were invigilators for the Exam at National Public School.


Be it, manual or computerized, teachers are well equipped for fair evaluation for AISSE. Six of our teachers were evaluators at various centers. Our school was the center for the CBSE class XII exam. Our Principal Mrs. Maithreyi Satyadev was the Chief Nodal Supervisor of the center.

31st March was the last working day for students and the school closed for summer vacation.



“Let your faith be bigger than your fears” – SA 2 Results were announced for classes preprimary to 9 in the first week of April.


Retest was administered to class IX students on 5th,6th and 7th of April 2016 which gave them an opportunity to improve their scores. This is the suggested practice of CBSE.


“Good friends never say good bye, they simply say see you soon”. Sindhi High School, Kumara Krupa Road bid farewell to our beloved Principal

Mrs. Maithreyi Satyadev who has taken up the responsibility of heading the Hebbal branch and other teachers.


An informal lunch session was hosted by our benevolent management on 9th April 2016. The management thanked the staff and sub staff of both schools for their support, cooperation and making the year 2015-16 a successful one.


Hebbal to Kumara Krupa Road – 3
Kumar Krupa Road to Hebbal – 9
Transfers from Nur to Class 10 –  66

Mobility is inevitable.  Some children move out and some come in. 133 students wrote entrance test of  their respective classes, from classes 1 – 10 on 7th April 2016. Fifty children were admitted. The present school strength is 1490 as against 1520 last year.


Strength 2015 – 16

Strength 2016 – 17


Sindhi Non Sindhi Total RTE Sindhi Non Sindhi


NUR 0 5 97 102 0 3 80 83
LKG 0 8 119 127 8 6 112 118
UKG 34 6 137 143 0 7 115 122
1 27 6 113 119 34 7 137 144
2 7 8 115 123 26 7 115 122
3 0 8 111 119 7 14 101 115
4 1 9 105 114 1 10 112 122
5 0 7 110 117 0 15 92 107
6 0 11 107 117 0 7 104 111
7 0 10 109 119 0 13 100 113
8 0 15 91 106 0 12 105 117
9 0 9 102 111 0 15 89 104
10 0 8 94 102 0 11 99 110
        1519       1488


8 students have been admitted to Class LKG under RTE Act for the academic year 2016 – 17.


Diamond Jubilee celebrations began on 20th April 2016 with abhishekam to of Goddess Durga followed by Sudarshana Homa.


School office was closed for summer vacation from 5th May to 18th May.



“Change is inevitable. Change is the law of life. Variety is the spice of life.”

Scholarship No Of students Amount
Scholarship – General 77 1542470
Staff Scholarship 7 296000
Staff Concession 30 618000
RTE Students 76 2294860
Total 190 4751330

I, Mrs. Devika Kiran took over as the Principal in charge on 19th May 2016. Mrs. Alpana Kala was promoted as the Vice Principal and reported to duty on 23rd May 2016.


Free ships are awarded to the needy students. Scholarship of Rs 47,51,000 has been given to 190 students in the academic year 2016-17.


Another academic year began with a new beginning, a new start, a new mindset, a new focus and new intentions. Teachers reported back to duty on 25th of May.

Executives 02
Pre Primary and Primary Coordinators 02
Subject Coordinators 06
Teaching Staff 65
Administrative Staff 08
System Admin 01
Librarian 01
Lab Assistants / Library Assistants 02
Maintenance Manager 01
Support Staff 13            


“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”. We have a dedicated team of 101 people at our Kumara Krupa Branch.


Teachers of both the branches had a meeting and planned a program of work for the academic year 2016 – 17.


Booming year with excellent results AISSE, Class 10 results were declared on 28th May 2016.We had cent% First Classes and 25 children scoring 10 CGPA.


As a new initiative two different sets of diaries are printed, for the main school with Bhagvad Gita and preprimary section with yearly portions.

Theme for the year- Scaling Horizon………. Unbound


School reopened for classes LKG to Class 7 on 1st June 2016 and for Nursery on the 2nd. The old block is refurbished with granite flooring and an additional staff room. The renovated block was inaugurated by our President Sri. Deepak Narang and office bearers of both the branches followed by a grand entry by the students of classes 1 to 4.


This year as a new beginning we have introduced subject coordinators, primary and preprimary coordinators at all levels for the smooth academic integration of subjects and assessments.


Principal’s room, (preprimary staff room) mini board room, 2nd and 3rd floors of old building were renovated at various points of time to give a new look, vigor and feeling.


Various committees are formed for the smooth functioning of school events.


On 4th June 2016, Saturday, Orientation program was organized for parents of classes Nursery, 1 and 10 at different time slots. Parents were oriented with regard to infrastructure, syllabus, discipline, school timings, CCE, exam patterns, types of assignments, Extra Curricular activities, co-curricular activities by the Principal, Vice Principal and coordinators.

World Environment Day 05.06.2016
International Yoga Day 21.06.2016
World Music Day 21.07.2016
Independence Day 15.08.2016


Environment day, International Yoga Day, World Music Day and Independence Day were celebrated to inculcate awareness of the environment and its significance, health, culture, heritage and patriotism.


“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then you are a leader” – John Quincy Adams

The Investiture ceremony was conducted with a high degree of sincerity and enthusiasm. Our newly elected school parliament took an oath in front of the school, to be true to their posts and duties assigned to them. The Principal pinned the badges to the prefects and handed over the flags to them.


To commemorate diamond jubilee of the Sindhi Seva Samiti a Walkathon was organized promoting the cause of eye donation and organ donation. A total of 2000 students, teachers and members of SSS took part in the event. This mega event was flagged off by Deputy Commissioner of Police Sri. Sandip Patil, an Alumnus of Sindhi High School, Kumar Krupa Road, Member of the Parliament Sri P C Mohan and Corporator Sri. Sampath Kumar. It was a major milestone for Sindhi Seva Samiti and its selfless service to the society is commendable.



School Cinema is a brilliant concept adopted by the school, developed by Edumedia.  It helps to inculcate various values among children. Values are inculcated via moral based videos.

MOMENT OF CALM 2nd August 2016 :

It is a global forgiveness moment that marks the birthday of Dada J P Vaswani, who is the spiritual leader of Sadhu Vaswani Mission. Sindhians of Kumara Krupa Raod observed the moment of calm. Teachers addressed the students and spoke about the significance of forgiveness and peace in life. A two minute silence was observed by the school to signify moment of calm.

  Boys Girls
No. Of Teams Participated 34 13
Winners Kumaran’s State Board –  Tata Silk Farm Basavanagudi Poorna prajna School – Sadashivanagar
Runners’  Up Kumaran’s CBSE –  Mallasandra Kumaran’s State Board –  Tata Silk Farm Basavanagudi


Inter School Table Tennis Tournament was conducted by Sindhi High School, Kumara  Krupa Road on 9th and 10th of August 2016. The tournament was inaugurated by                   Sri. Ashok Chawla, Hon. Treasurer, Sindhi Academy of Skills. Mr. Nitin Tiruvengadam an International Table Tennis Player and   Mr. Charan V P, a National Table Tennis player and an alumnus of our school, gave away the medals and certificates.


“No person was ever honoured for what he received, honour has been the reward for what he/she gave”.

The executives of all the three schools and colleges under the umbrella of Sindhi Seva Samiti were felicitated by the president Sri. R Deepak Narang and his team of office bearers on the 14th of August 2016 at the auditorium, Hebbal on the occasion of Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

All were pleased and humbled by the honour. Executives thanked and expressed gratitude to the management who supported and guided them constantly all through their career at Sindhi Group of Institutions. Our benevolent and supportive management has always been recognizing the contribution and excellent work of all the institutions.

This increases the morale and productivity of the team and builds commitment.


  • Annual Day
  • Toddlers’ Meet
  • Graduation Day – Class 10 and UKG


Children are our most valuable resource. We care and respond positively to the needs of students and parents. We guide and train our resources in creating a thinking community. Our vision and goal is to serve the society.

Finally, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to our President Sri. Deepak Narang and his team of office bearers, members of the governing council and all my colleagues for their unconditional support, guidance and trust. I promise to work hand in hand with the stake holders to bring a more enhanced future to the school and sindhians.

Thank You

Yours in Service

Mrs. Devika Kiran